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Annual Reports
Entrant: TF Marketing, Zagreb
HPB Annual Report
"Omage to the Money!"
Corporate Name of Client: Hrvatska Postanska Banka
Advertising Agency: TF Marketing, Zagreb
Executive Creative Director: Suzana Kulas
Creative Director: Antica Arsov
Copywriter: Ivana Strukelj
Art Director: Antica Arsov
Graphic Designer: Antica Arsov

Basic description of the project:
We use Internet banking to pay for our bills practically from our beds, we satisfy our both, primary and sophisticated needs by using cards. We have simplified the basic business operations to a clear, although slightly forgotten definition, which is, in the end - good old money. All three chapters of the Annual report can be easily connected one with another, while the cardboard binding them contains the electronic version of it. The overall impression of Annual creates the image of money packed into the money sack, which contains the messages of the original value.