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Entrant: ECD International, Stuttgart
Maybach Going Places
"Event Calendar"
Corporate Name of Client: DaimlerChrysler AG
Advertising Agency: ECD International, Stuttgart
Design Company: ECD International, Stuttgart
Creative Director: Le Han Nguyen
Copywriter: Gabriele Meinl
Art Director: Carina Steinbock

Basic description of the project:
For the Maybach event calendar “GOING PLACES / Maybach Highly Exclusive Events“, the visual description of event destinations and contents was rendered in an abstract way. Inspired by perspectively layered wood carving – a technique developed in southern Chinese architecture – the motives depicted overlie and complement each other. There, the use of filigrane lasering creates a both visual and haptic, very vivid effect. Presented in a linen folder which may be propped up like a picture frame, eleven images can be combined individually and allow for flexible interaction with the medium.