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Brochures/Catalogues - Consumer
Entrant: section.d design.communication, Vienna
Parabol SE "The Recollection Issue"
"A Personal View on the Essl Collection"
Corporate Name of Client: Sammlung Essl/Essl Collection
Design Company: section.d and section.a, Vienna
Creative Director: Chris Goennawein
Copywriter: Philipp Kaiser
Art Director: Chris Goennawein

Basic description of the project:
Parabol SE "The Recollection Issue" curated by Philipp Kaiser is the first special edition of the Parabol Art Magazine in occasion of the 35th anniversary of the Essl Collection in Austria. Agnes und Karlheinz Essl´s enthusiasm for innovative approaches and an interest in unconventional methods of communicating art were the key factors in offering another extraordinary insight into the collection in the form of Parabol SE. Philipp Kaiser´s very personal view on the collection gave rise to a special exhibition of contemporary art in two-dimensional "space".