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Annual Reports
Entrant: Strichpunkt, Stuttgart
ComBOTS Annual Report 2005
"We Are Ready"
Corporate Name of Client: ComBOTS AG
Design Company: Strichpunkt, Stuttgart
Creative Directors: Jochen Raedeker/Felix Widmaier
Art Director: Jochen Theurer
Illustrators: Holger Jungkunz/Felix Widmaier

Basic description of the project:
Strichpunkt developed an Annual Report under the title “We are ready” that creates a stir just with its presentation in the “snazzy bag” and its imposing DIN A3 format. The design is substantially characterised by the colour “orange”, the inside surfaces were subtly finished with partially inlaid UV lacquer. The whole report generates anticipation of what is coming. But there won’t be any product illustrations until the Annual General Meeting, in the form of a book of stickers with detachable “ComBOTS“. Every reader can use it to complete their own Annual Report themselves on the appointed date.