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Gold Winner

Brochures/Catalogues - Consumer
Entrant: Laboratorium, Zagreb
Kristian Kozul/Art
Corporate Name of Client: Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb
Design Company: Laboratorium, Zagreb
Creative Directors: Ivana Vucic/Orsat Frankovic
Art Directors: Ivana Vucic/Orsat Frankovic
Photographers: Tomislav J. Kacunic/Ivana Vucic
Illustrator: Kristian Kozul
Graphic Designers: Ivana Vucic/Orsat Frankovic/Sasa Stubicar

Basic description of the project:
A Croatian conceptual artist based in New York, wanted monograph that would represent his art to the international art scene. We designed a Book-Object for the artist whose work deals with viewers’ emotions, triggered by individual interpretation of transformed Ready-Made Objects. This is a collection of his reproductions and their “interpretation”. Form and substance conflict is transformed into a book concept. Only by precise observing we find morbid connection between form and content. Bound in different covers made out of black velvet, red velvet, or a limited edition white perforated artificial leather filled with old pins.