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Digital Media Finalists

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Entrant: LBi Ltd, London
Sony PS3
"This is Living"

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Corporate Name of Client: Sony Computer Entertainment
Design Company: LBi, London
Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Garner
Creative Directors: Paul Knott/Tim Vance/Simon Gill
Copywriter: Paul Knott
Agency Art Director: Tim Vance
Designers: Robin Bates/Andy Garnett/Rufus Kahler/Sam Gilbey/Pero Gouwerok/Mireia Cortinas/Sarah Tooley
Production Manager: Esther Cunliffe
Technical Developers: Joe Rufian/Andrew Liles/Terry Teng/John Vaughan/Chris Ware/Rob Green/Liam O’Donnall/Jim Hall/David Terranova
Technical Director: Andrew Liles
Production Company: LBi, London
Producers: Andrew Tyler/Jon Acton
Director of Photography: Mark Johnson
Animator: MotionCult
Sound Designer: Lee Grainge
Head of Design: Simon Gill
Client Partner: Judith Carr
Client Director: Joanne Turner
Account Manager: Cat Macham
Information Architect: Christian Vandersee