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Package Design Finalists

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Structural Packaging
Entrant: Pande Design Solutions, São Paulo
Baldinho Ninho
Corporate Name of Client: Nestlé Brasil
Advertising Agency: McCann , São Paulo
Design Company: Pande Design Solutions, São Paulo
Container Company: CBL , São Paulo
Executive Creative Director: Marta Cardoso
Creative Director: Ronnie Kinoshita
Copywriter: Tatiana Damberg
Art Director: Peterson Sironi
Illustrators: Alê Abreu/Carlos Sá/Hiro
Graphic Designers: Ronnie Kinoshita/Peterson Sironi/Renata Almeida/Hugo Freitas/Alexandre Colin
Engraver: CBL

Basic description of the project:
Nestlé’s powdered milk Ninho has a new line of special packages created by Pande Design Solutions. This joyfull tin, shaped like a milk bucket, is a sales success and helped to to strengthen the emotional connection consumer have with the brand. The family size buckets reminds the consumer of the antique milk buckets used in traditional farms, and come in seasonal versions. The collectible commemorative packages celebrate the brand, like the 2006 World Cup and 2006’s Christmas. The newest packages come in 5 versions, with 2007 Pan American Games motives.