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Package Design Finalists

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Dairy Products
Entrant: Storm Brand Design, Elland, United Kingdom
Booths Cheese
Corporate Name of Client: Booths Supermarkets
Design Company: Storm Brand Design, Elland, United Kingdom
Executive Creative Director: Bruce Drinkwater
Design Director: Liz Fisher
Graphic Designers: Kathryn Knowles/Rob Barson

Basic description of the project:
Booths Supermarkets are a Lancashire based, family company which deliver high quality produce. Only around 100 product lines have been deemed worthy to bare the Booths name, one of which is a range of cheeses. Objectives - To design a range of cheeses which reflect the overall Booths brand style - using quirky illustrations to give products character and individuality. Relating each cheese to a story, poem or saying for example: Cheshire Cheese - Cheshire cat Double Gloucester - Dr. Foster went to Gloucester The Booths packaging colour palette was used to colour code cheese from different regions.