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Silver Winner

Beverages - Alcoholic
Entrant: Dentsu Kyushu Inc., Tokyo
Corporate Name of Client: Renaissance Project Co.,Ltd.
Advertising Agency: Dentsu Kyushu Inc., Fukuoka
Design Company: Ad-Pascal Inc., Fukuoka
Container Company: Yamahei Kamamoto/Kubotaminoru Ceramics Co., Saga
Creative Director: Takao Ito
Copywriter: Iku Nara
Art Director: Takao Ito
Graphic Designers: Tadashi Cho/Taisuke Matsuoka/Tubasa Takasu

Basic description of the project:
"YAOKI" is named from "Nana korobi yaoki", the Japanese old proverb, "Rise eight times after falling seven" and epitomizes the spirit of "never give up." The unique shape of the bottle reflects the concept. It is just like a roly-poly Daruma doll or oki-agari-ko-boshi in Japanese; it will rise up time after time even if it almost falls down. The remarkable material is the "Arita-yaki", one of the most famous potteries in the world.