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Package Design Winners

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Gold Winner

Beverages - Non Alcoholic
Entrant: Dentsu Inc., Tokyo
The Dew of Longevity
Corporate Name of Client: Tropical Plant Resources Research Institute
Advertising Agency: Dentsu Inc., Tokyo
Design Company: Dentsu Inc., Tokyo
Container Company: PLUG, Tokyo
Creative Director: Koichi Ito
Copywriter: Yohei Ugaeri
Art Director: Mitsuhiro Kutsukake
Photographer: Shinji Minami

Basic description of the project:
“Manjyu no Shizuku (The Dew of Longevity)” is a supplement drink targeted towards senior generations and is made from fermented Okinawa green papaya. To convey how the product is carefully produced, the package design consists of two base colors: dark green to associate with tropical and natural material, and a delicate cream color. The logo type is inspired by Japanese engraved marks.