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Personal/Gift Items
Entrant: Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg
Arcor Spam Blocker
"Dr. Dagogo"
Corporate Name of Client: Arcor AG & Co KG
Advertising Agency: Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg
Chief Creative Officer: Ralf Heuel
Creative Director: Martin Grass
Copywriter: Martin Grass
Production Company: Studio Funk, Hamburg
Directors: Torsten Hennings/Ralf Heuel
Recording Studio: Studio Funk, Hamburg
Audio Engineer: Torsten Hennings
Radio commercials not broadcast or aired in English supply a written translation in English: Radio Ad “Dr. Dagogo”. (A MAN SPEAKS IN ENGLISH WITH A STRONG AFRICAN ACCENT): Hello my friend. I am Dr. Dagogo Jack Abubakar, former minister of finance of Federal Republic of Nigeria. Through this radio message I am searching for a truthful person. If you are truthful I will transfer 40 Million Dollars to your account. 30 Million you invest for me. And 10 Million Dollars is for you. All I need is your truthfulness. And a little transaction fee. So please transfer 8000 Dollars to my bank account number 811315 at Morrison Private Bank in Lagos. Yours sincerely Dr. Dagogo Jack Abubakar – but my friends call me Jack.“ (Anncr.) Spam. Now everywhere but in your email. Thanks to the Arcor Spam-Blocker. Arcor.