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Medium Category Company City Country Brand Name of Product or Service Title Corporate Name of Client Advertising Agency Advertising Agency City Design Company Design Company City Chief Creative Officer(s) Executive Creative Director(s) Creative Director(s) Associate Creative Director(s) Design Director(s) Copywriter(s) Art Director(s) Photographer(s) Illustrator(s) Graphic Designer(s) Other In less than 100 words, give a basic description of the project.
Design Annual Reports TF Marketing Zagreb CROATIA HPB Annual Report Omage to the Money! Hrvatska Postanska Banka TF Marketing Zagreb Suzana Kulas Antica Arsov Ivana Strukelj Antica Arsov Antica Arsov We use Internet banking to pay for our bills practically from our beds, we satisfy our both, primary and sophisticated needs by using cards. We have simplified the basic business operations to a clear, although slightly forgotten definition, which is, in the end - good old money. All three chapters of the Annual report can be easily connected one with another, while the cardboard binding them contains the electronic version of it. The overall impression of Annual creates the image of money packed into the money sack, which contains the messages of the original value.
Design Brochures/Catalogues - Consumer amana inc. Tokyo JAPAN Amana Samples Amana Inc. Hakuhodo Inc. Tokyo Yusuke Ono amana group photographers Producer: amana group producers; CG Director: amana group CG directors; Editor: Kazuhiro Hoshimoto(amana inc.)
Design Brochures/Catalogues - Consumer Crispin Porter + Bogusky Miami UNITED STATES Volkswagen Backseat Driver's Manual Volkswagen Crispin Porter + Bogusky Miami Alex Bogusky Andrew Keller Tony Calcao/Rob Strasberg Tom Adams Doug Pederson Sebastian Gray Print Producer: Stephanie McKinney; Integrated Senior Producer - Art Buying: Jessica Hoffman
Design Brochures/Catalogues - Consumer Crispin Porter + Bogusky Miami UNITED STATES Volkswagen Things to Build Volkswagen Crispin Porter + Bogusky Miami Alex Bogusky Andrew Keller Rob Strasberg/Tony Calcao Paul Johnson Jed Grossman Harlan Erskine Colin Hayes Print Producer: Vanessa Rossman; Integrated Producer - Art Buying: Rebecca O'Neill; Freelance Copywriter and Projects Designer: Chris Marshall
Design Brochures/Catalogues - Consumer HEIMAT Berlin GERMANY CNN Every Second Counts. CNN HEIMAT, Berlin HEIMAT, Berlin Myles Lord/Alexander Weber-Grün Myles Lord Nikolai Diepenbrock/Arndt Poguntke Matthias Walter Andreas Grill
Design Brochures/Catalogues - Consumer Iconologic Atlanta UNITED STATES Here Magazine 2006 Here 2006 Cooper Carry Iconologic Atlanta Matt Rollins Gabe Benzur/Juliet D'Ambrosio/Jason Hirthler/Drew Kane/Mark Svenvold Gabe Benzur Greg Miller/Amanda Pace/David Maisel/Massimo Vitali Gabe Benzur Gabe Benzur/Sherri Copeland 'Here' is an annual magazine published by Cooper Carry, an architecture and urban planning firm. The magazine explores current issues in society and architecture, and features a summary of Cooper Carry's projects throughout the year. It is mailed out at the beginning of each year to friends, family, clients and potential clients.
Design Brochures/Catalogues - Consumer Scholz & Friends Hamburg GERMANY See the World from Above Hapag_Lloyd Express GmbH Scholz & Friends Hamburg Heiko Schmidt/Gunnar Loeser/Matthias Schmidt/Stefan Setzkorn Klaus Huber/Lena Krumkamp Konrad Witzig Meike Schmidt/Yvonne Reinsch Traveling with the low-cost carrier HLX is the cheapest way to see the world from above. The brochure shows some flight-destinations from above by using simple illustrations; additionally one has to guess which famous landmarks these are.
Design Brochures/Catalogues - Consumer section.d design.communication Vienna AUSTRIA Parabol SE "The Recollection Issue" A Personal View on the Essl Collection Sammlung Essl/Essl Collection section.d and section.a Vienna Chris Goennawein Philipp Kaiser Chris Goennawein Parabol SE "The Recollection Issue" curated by Philipp Kaiser is the first special edition of the Parabol Art Magazine in occasion of the 35th anniversary of the Essl Collection in Austria. Agnes und Karlheinz Essl´s enthusiasm for innovative approaches and an interest in unconventional methods of communicating art were the key factors in offering another extraordinary insight into the collection in the form of Parabol SE. Philipp Kaiser´s very personal view on the collection gave rise to a special exhibition of contemporary art in two-dimensional "space".
Design Brochures/Catalogues - Consumer Simon & Goetz Design Frankfurt GERMANY Sal. Oppenheim Private Bank 217 plus Sal. Oppenheim Jr. & Cie. Simon & Goetz Design Frankfurt Bernd Vollmöller Bernd Vollmöller ”217 plus“ – Customer magazine of the private bank Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie. Company information: Sal. Oppenheim is one of the leading private banks in Europe. Task: Task was to create a premium, attention-grabbing and entertaining magazine, which communicates the sophisticated self-conception of Sal. Oppenheim. Realisation: With its classic, representative character the magazine’s design communicates the consciously lived values tradition, innovation and exclusivness in an unintrusive way. Target group: Existent clients, potential clients, employees Every single issue has an overall topic: Issue “217 plus/1” – “Engagement” Issue “217 plus/2” – “Freedom” Issue “217 plus/3” – “Emotion”
Design Brochures/Catalogues - Consumer Strichpunkt Stuttgart GERMANY Papierfabrik Scheufelen Fall In Love, Get Engaged, Get Married Papierfabrik Scheufelen GmbH+Co. Strichpunkt Stuttgart Kirsten Dietz Jochen Raedeker Susanne Hoerner Susanne Hoerner Papierfabrik Scheufelen: "Fall in love, get engaged, get married" Pure white premium paper – a book providing evidence of what this paper can achieve in print. The wedding book designed by Strichpunkt for Papierfabrik Scheufelen focuses on Consort Royal as a premium paper brand. 48 pages narrate a story all about meeting your partner, wooing them and marriage. Each of the three sections integrates various design processing techniques – from embossing, through refinement to exact reproduction of special colours.
Design Brochures/Catalogues - Consumer Strichpunkt Stuttgart GERMANY Programs for the State Theater Stuttgart Programs State Theater Staatstheater Stuttgart Strichpunkt Stuttgart Kirsten Dietz Kirsten Dietz Kirsten Dietz/Anders Bergesen/Julia Ochsenhirt/Susanne Hoerner/Anika Marquardsen Programs for the State Theater Stuttgart
Design Brochures/Catalogues - Consumer Taxi Studio Bristol UNITED KINGDOM Science Museum Private Events It's All About Magnetism Science Museum Taxi Studio Bristol Spencer Buck Ryan Wills Spencer Buck Jem Hobbs Spencer Buck CLIENT BRIEF: The Science Museum, a well-established corporate events venue, recently obtained a civil ceremony licence that allowed them to cater for wedding ceremonies and civil partnerships. They required a communication to help sell the Museum as a wedding venue to couples from all religions - gay and straight. DESIGN SOLUTION: Fun is a key element in the Science Museum’s offer and it was essential for us to demonstrate this in the communication. Our solution gets straight to the essence of falling in love and sells the Museum as London’s most ‘attractive’ venue. After all, it’s all about magnetism.
Design Brochures/Catalogues - Trade Strichpunkt Stuttgart GERMANY Papierfabrik Scheufelen Corporate Box Papierfabrik Scheufelen GmbH+Co. Strichpunkt Stuttgart Kirsten Dietz/Jochen Raedeker Jochen Raedeker Kirsten Dietz Susanne Hoerner/Anika Marquardsen The Scheufelen Corporate Box: the best form of paper distribution Product information at its most attractive: the Corporate Box designed by Strichpunkt for distributing Scheufelen papers offers everything you need to know about the Scheufelen range of premium papers – in a high-quality design. With a paper brand book on each of the four paper types, each with paper samples on colours and grammages available as well as an individually printed and refined sample block, offering numerous examples of the paper’s excellent processing quality.
Design Brochures/Catalogues - Trade Taxi Studio Bristol UNITED KINGDOM Paradigm Paradigm Parables Paradigm Taxi Studio Bristol Spencer Buck Ryan Wills Spencer Buck/Howard Fletcher Fred Van Deelan/Peter Horridge Olly Guise/Matt Thompson CLIENT BRIEF: Paradigm is a leading secure communications company. They design, build and launch satellites into space and offer a range of support services to allow troops in war situations to talk to each other. Paradigm needed an inspirational internal communication to set out their brand values for all employees. DESIGN SOLUTION: We devised the Paradigm Parables. A collection of stories that illustrates their brand values in a simple yet compelling way. The real success lies in the fact that the piece became a positive talking point within the company (and beyond).
Design Calendars ECD International Stuttgart GERMANY Maybach Going Places Event Calendar DaimlerChrysler AG ECD International Stuttgart ECD International Stuttgart Le Han Nguyen Gabriele Meinl Carina Steinbock For the Maybach event calendar “GOING PLACES / Maybach Highly Exclusive Events“, the visual description of event destinations and contents was rendered in an abstract way. Inspired by perspectively layered wood carving – a technique developed in southern Chinese architecture – the motives depicted overlie and complement each other. There, the use of filigrane lasering creates a both visual and haptic, very vivid effect. Presented in a linen folder which may be propped up like a picture frame, eleven images can be combined individually and allow for flexible interaction with the medium.
Design Calendars JWT Brazil Curitiba BRAZIL 91 Rock 2007 Calendar Rock 'N' Roll Will Never Die 91 Radio Rock RMG Connect Brazil Curitiba Mario D'Andrea Carlos Guimarães/Mario D'Andrea Felippe Motta Henrique Aguiar Turning a common gift into something extraordinary. That’s how the 91 Rock 2007 Calendar emerged. A tridimensional gravestone, with the name of 12 rock stars, dead between January and December. In the back of each month, details about the artist and the intriguing facts surrounding his/her death. The creative line of the piece – Rock ‘n’ roll will never die – is lined up with the main proposition of the radio station that emphasizes rock as a cultural phenomenon that guides to ways of life, creates tendencies and brings information and entertainment.
Design Calendars Laboratorium Zagreb CROATIA Laboratorium Everlasting Adhesive Calendar Laboratorium Laboratorium Zagreb Ivana Vucic/Orsat Frankovic Ivana Vucic/Orsat Frankovic Ivana Vucic/Orsat Frankovic/Sasa Stubicar Everlasting Calendar is multi-functional adhesive tape which functions in same time as organizer / planner / post-it / tape / sticker... It's limited only by its own length. You can create each month in any time by day&date-combination of two separate rolls (different widths) and stick them together at any place you need (different surfaces, wall, table, toilet walls...). Calendar was produced as promotional gift / Christmas card / for Laboratorium clients and friends.
Design Calendars Scholz & Friends Hamburg GERMANY See The World From Above Hapag-Lloyd Express Scholz & Friends Hamburg Heiko Schmidt/Gunnar Loeser/Matthias Schmidt/Stefan Setzkorn Klaus Huber/Lena Krumkamp Konrad Witzig Meike Schmidt/Yvonne Reinsch Traveling with the low-cost carrier HLX is the cheapest way to see the world from above. The calendar shows some flight-destinations from above by using simple illustrations; additionally one has to guess which famous landmarks these are.
Design Calendars Strichpunkt Stuttgart GERMANY Papierfabrik Scheufelen The Sky is Not the Limit Papierfabrik Scheufelen GmbH+Co. Strichpunkt Stuttgart Jochen Raedeker Jochen Raedeker Kirsten Dietz Susanne Hoerner This 2007 wall calendar goes beyond the well-known saying that anything is possible. The sky theme shows how crazy Impressionists or radical Expressionists have always reached for and achieved new horizons with their skill and expertise. Reproducing the gentle tone shading of these detailed motifs is a big challenge for both printing technology and paper – and has been realised beautifully on original Scheufelen art paper. That's a testament to the company who invented this art paper and has embraced the philosophy of exceeding the limits of what is possible in order to open up new horizons.
Design Corporate Identity Elmwood Leeds UNITED KINGDOM Flat Pack Mick Flat Pack Mick Elmwood Edinburgh Self assembly stationery for Flat Pack Mick. A small company who take the frustration out of flat pack furniture by assembling it for you. Inspired by flat pack furniture manuals, we used a wood textured card to create the letterhead that can be split into a business card or compliments slip.
Design Corporate Identity ID Branding Portland, Oregon UNITED STATES OEN Identity Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) ID Branding Portland ID Branding Portland Doug Lowell Jared Milam Jared Milam The Oregon Entrepreneurs Network, or OEN, is a non-profit organization that provides a network of assistance and connections for entrepreneurs and investors in Oregon and the NW region. The new logo, reminiscent of a Chinese block cut, is a symbol of the knowledge and wisdom that “seasoned” OEN members pass on to the younger members. This people-focused approach is visually represented in the “OEN” letterforms. On the business card, general company information is printed directly on the card. Then each staff member is given a set of stickers with their personal contact information to adhere to that printed card.
Design Corporate Identity Switch Group Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA Salt Salt Salt Switch Group Cape Town Gaby de Abreu Pierre Smith George Rautenbach Pierre Smith
Design Point of Purchase Euro RSCG Worldwide Shanghai CHINA Johnnie Walker Alligators Moet Hennessy Diageo (China) Co. Ltd. Euro RSCG Worldwide Shanghai Eddie Wong Ben Sun/Alex Lee Sam Sun Eagle Xie/Free Sun/David Dai These JW 3D posters are an extension to the powerful Johnnie Walker global positioning of 'Keep Walking’. Entertaining executions of the 'Keep Walking' spirit decorated selected MOT (Modern On Trade) outlets in Shanghai.
Design Point of Purchase Scholz & Friends Berlin GERMANY Sexshop The Incognito-Glasses Beate Uhse Scholz & Friends Berlin Julia Schmidt/Constantin Kaloff/James Cruickshank/Bastian Engbert Moritz Unuetzer Sittig Fahr-Becker People don’t want to be recognized if they’re shopping at a Sex-Store so the glasses offer a disguise. You know the black beam from magazines or on TV if celebrities don’t want to be recognized or something is censored. With this Give-Away you can’t be recognized in real life too!
Design Self Promotion Kolle Rebbe Hamburg GERMANY LEGO Polyplaypylene LEGO GmbH Kolle Rebbe/KOREFE Hamburg Katrin Oeding Reginald Wagner Alexander Baron Reginald Wagner Reginald Wagner Reginald Wagner Objective: On the occasion of 50 years LEGO in Germany, selected representatives of the press and LEGO partners were to be presented with a first-class gift, with pleasure in the game and creativity that LEGO symbolises like no other toy. Realisation: LEGO fan and designer Reginald Wagner designed, produced and photographed with a pinhole camera his personal LEGO memories. The book appeared in a format based on a single piece of LEGO. The front cover and verso are made of real LEGO tiles.
Design Self Promotion Leo Burnett Frankfurt Frankfurt GERMANY Orthodontist Dr. Rathenow Uncorrected Teeth Pacifiers Promotion Dr. Lutz Rathenow Leo Burnett Frankfurt Andreas Pauli Andreas Heinzel/Peter Steger Florian Kroeber Claudia Boeckler The orthodontist Dr. Rathenow specialises in early diagnosis and correction of children’s defective jaws and teeth. To promote this service, specially designed pacifiers were handed out to parents of small children. The pacifiers gave the parents a funny, but very remarkable impression of how their kids could look with uncorrected teeth. The doctor’s business card was attached to the pacifiers. Headline business card (front): Take your kids for a check-up of their jaws and teeth before it’s too late.
Design Self Promotion Like A River Brand Agency Manchester UNITED KINGDOM Like A River Brand Agency Professional Snowman Like A River Brand Agency Manchester Like A River Brand Agency Manchester Rob Taylor/Peter Rogers Philip Pitcher Professional Snowman This is our Christmas gift to friends and clients. As always it involves fun, drinking and this year everything you need to produce a ‘whoop-ass’ snowman. Size 250 x 290 x 100.
Design Self Promotion Mytton Williams Bath, United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM Mytton Williams The Book of No.s Mytton Williams Mytton Williams Bath Bob Mytton John Simmons Chris Roberts The Book of No.s was produced as a self-promotion piece for the firm's 10 year anniversary. It describes the 10 principles that guide our design work, with 10 promises about our service. The idea uses the interplay of the words 'No / No.' (number) and conveys serious principles with a light touch.
Design Self Promotion Samsung Advertising Beijing CHINA SAMSUNG Silver Nano Washing Machine New and Colorful as it is! China Samsung Samsung Advertising Beijing Beijing Raymond Chan Zheng Li James Li/Rasa Li