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Integrated Media Integrated Media Silver Winner Arnold Boston UNITED STATES Infect Truth Digital Media, Print, Radio, Television/Cinema American Legacy Foundation/Truth Arnold, Boston/Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami Pete Favat/Alex Bogusky John Kearse/Tom Adams Meghan Siegal Roger Baldacci/John Kearse/Pete Harvey/Marc Einhorn/Will Chambliss/Matt Ledoux/Jake Mikosh/Dustin Ballard/Mike Howard/Guy Rooke/Yutaka Tsujino Meghan Siegal/Gabe Jeffrey/Tim Mahoney/Pamela Coatti/Adam Larson/Kevin Grady/Lee Einhorn/Mike Costello/Rob Kottkamp/Jason Ambrose/Doug Pedersen/Keith Scott Sarah Spitz/Mary Donington/Cindy Perez/Sheri Radel/Barry Frechette/Paul Fortuin/Zach Jagentenfl Web Designers: Meghan Siegal/Ryan Habbyshaw/Gabe Jeffrey/Max Pfennighaus/Cuban Council; Programmers: Ebbey Mathew/Cuban Council; Flash Developer: Chris Teso; Flash Animators: Chris Teso/Steve Palumbo/Jeff Hayes/Jonathan Ratcliff Truth is about spreading info to teenagers, so they can make informed decisions about smoking. “Infect truth” helps those kids take what they’ve learned and pass it on in rebellious ways. In print, we offer inserts that are tools of mass infection; the TV demonstrates ways of infecting people on the streets; and online – through, blog-sites, social networking sites, and more guerrilla-style computer take-overs – we give kids over 70 subversive “tools of infection” to spread the word. Knowledge is contagious. Infect truth.
Integrated Media Integrated Media Silver Winner BBDO New York New York UNITED STATES Red Stripe Digital Media, Poster & Outdoor, Television/Cinema Guinness (Diageo) BBDO New York New York David Lubars/Bill Bruce Eric Silver Dan Kelleher Richard Ardito/Grant Smith Grant Smith Richard Ardito Josh Eisenman Barbarian Group Red Stripe is a premium beer from Jamaica known for its stubby bottle. Our challenge was to get the attention of jaded consumers and grow the Red Stripe brand… without losing its soul. Our approach is simple: celebrate the fun and enjoyable aspects of life, namely beer (i.e. “Hooray beer!”), and at the same time, heckling the tedious and unrewarding situations in life (¬i.e. “Boo creepy foot doctor,” “Boo painful flying road debris,” “Boo crying celebrities”).
Integrated Media Integrated Media Silver Winner Crispin Porter + Bogusky Miami UNITED STATES Volkswagen Jetta - "Safe Happens" Poster & Outdoor, Print, Television/Cinema Volkswagen Crispin Porter+ Bogusky Miami Alex Bogusky Andrew Keller Rob Strasberg/Tony Calcao Tim Roper/Yutaka Tsujino/Carl Corbitt/Jason Wolske Dave Clemans/Dawn Yemma/Kevin Koller/Mike Ferrare Epoch Films Dough Halbert/Melissa Miller Phil Morrison/Matt Aselton Co O’Neil @ Evolution Engine Interactive Creative Director: Jeff Benjamin; Designers: Connor McCann/Thomas Rodgers/James Martis; Interactive Digital Artists: Thomas Rodgers/James Martis/Dayoung Ewart; Development Partner: Hanson Dodge/Domani; Flash Developer: Luis Santi; Director Of Integrated Production: Rupert Samuel; Executive Integrated Producer: Winston Binch; Integrated Producers - Broadcast: Letitia Jacobs/Cheri Anderson/Dan Ruth; Integrated Senior Producers - Art Buying: Jessica Hoffman/Meghan DeBruler; Most car safety advertising adhered to the same formula: Controlled crashes in controlled environments with simulated human beings. And the talk was usually about avoiding the accident. The VW Jetta had front and side impact ratings that rivaled the best. But it also had that notoriously honest VW point of view on all things automotive. “Safe happens” was a way to deliver that point of view to demonstrate that the brand understands how safety features we take for granted can be just as startling as the danger they confront.
Integrated Media Integrated Media Gold Winner Duval Guillaume Brussels BELGIUM GAIA Ambient, Poster & Outdoor, Television/Cinema GAIA Duval Guillaume Brussels Katrien Bottez/Peter Ampe Tom Berth Geert De Rocker Charlie De Keersmaecker Seb De Roover Tom Garcia Caviar Brussels Isabelle Verreyke Wim Bonte/Birger Platteeuw Masda Brussels OBJECTIVE : Put the topic of painfully castrating pigs without narcosis, back on the political agenda. CONCEPT : The sound says it all. We used the sound of crying castrated piglets as a sample for a hit single of the fictitious band Pigs in Pain. The whole campaign wasn’t revealed before the act had become a hit TARGET AUDIENCE : Young people willing to act + Politicians
Integrated Media Integrated Media Grand Prize Fallon London London UNITED KINGDOM Tate Tracks Ambient, Digital Media, Print, Radio Tate Modern Fallon London Richard Flintham Juan Cabral Juan Cabral Juan Cabral Jeremy Murch Designer: Hugh Tarpey; Art Buyers: Susie Morley/Sarah Kavanagh; Interactive Video Production Company: BT Design & Media Studio; Interactive Video Director: Martin Percy; Production Manager: Arjun Singh; Account Supervisor: Chris Kay We invited several music artists to walk around the Tate Modern to find a piece of work that would inspire them to write a music track. Chemical Brothers, Graham Coxon from Blur, Klaxons, Union of Knives, Roll Deep and many others came along. Each one of them chose an art piece that they felt inspired by. After recording the track in the studio, we released the song exclusively inside Tate Modern. We placed listening posts in front of the artworks, so people could listen to the tracks in the same place where they were originated.