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Integrated Media Integrated Media Crispin Porter + Bogusky Miami UNITED STATES Making Things Right Integrated Poster & Outdoor, Print, Television/Cinema Haggar Crispin Porter + Bogusky Miami Alex Bogusky Rob Reilly Evan Fry Bob Cianfrone/Evan Fry/ John Reid/Carl Corbit/Ryan Kutscher James Dawson-Hollis/Matt Denyer/John Parker/Anja Duering/Kevin Koller/Patrick Horn Bruce Peterson/Michael Leland MJZ Jeff Scruton Rocky Morton Beacon Street Music/Extreme Music/Shadowville Productions Interactive Creative Director: Jeff Benjamin; Designer/Development Partner/Flash Designer: North Kingdom; Print Producer: Robert Hannau; Director Of Integrated Production: Rupert Samuel; Executive Integrated Producers: Winston Binch/Bill Meadows/Matt Bonin; Integrated Senior Producers - Broadcast: Chad Hopenwasser/Anthony Nelson; Integrated Senior Producer - Art Buying: Jessica Hoffman; Post Production: CO3/Riot; Editor: Paul Kelly; Executive Integrated Music Producer: Bill Meadows; Few brands have had the impact on American men’s fashion that Haggar has. Unfortunately that occurred decades ago. Recently Haggar was viewed as a second-tier, tired brand. The challenge was to re-ignite Haggar’s relevance with Boomer men and be the one clothing brand directed towards this oft ignored target. Haggar was positioned as the provider of clothing that’s made right and stands the test of time. Clothing as tools for men rather than temporary fashion. The philosophy, “Making Things Right” re-engages today’s stand-up man, establishing Haggar is the brand that makes things right in apparel and in society.
Integrated Media Integrated Media Crispin Porter + Bogusky Miami UNITED STATES Coke Vs. Coke Zero Ambient, Digital Media, Poster & Outdoor, Print, Radio, Television/Cinema Coke Zero Crispin Porter + Bogusky Miami Alex Bogusky Dave Schiff Alex Burnard Erkki Izarra/Adrian Alexander/Rob Thompson DaYoung Ewart Getty Images Villians, Nutmeg Richard Goldstein Fred Goss/Steve Capstick Beacon Street Interactive Creative Director: Jeff Benjamin; Designers: Jiwon Lee/Charles Carlson/Matt Payson/Kenny Kim/Oliver Rabenschlag; Print Producer: Michelle Gaitan; Development Partner: Avatar Labs; Flash Designer: Charles Carlson; Director Of Integrated Production: Rupert Samuel; Executive Integrated Producers: Winston Binch/Jill Kershaw; Integrated Senior Producer - Broadcast: Paul Gunnarson; Integrated Producer - Broadcast: Matthew Anderson; Integrated Senior Producer - Art Buying: Rebecca O'Neil Everyone knows that diet colas never taste like the real thing. So how do you convince a skeptical world that your new, zero calorie drink actually tastes like Coke? In this hyper-litigious society, there can only be one answer: you file a law suit, against yourself, for stealing your own taste. Or at least you have some fun with the notion by hiring two actors to play Coke executives, and have them recruit real attorneys for a lawsuit against Coke Zero. Then you turn the whole thing into a big integrated campaign. Like this one.
Integrated Media Integrated Media McCann Worldgroup San Francisco UNITED STATES Clearification/Windows Vista Ambient, Digital Media, Poster & Outdoor, Print, Television/Cinema, Stand Up Comedy Tour Microsoft McCann Worldgroup/Mekanism Rob Bagot/John McNeil Tommy Means (Mekanism) Demetri Martin/Tommy Means (Mekanism) Michael Gillette/Troy Cooper (Mekanism) Michael Gillette (Mekanism) Ed Galvez (McCann)/Stef Smith/Jason Harris/Elizabeth Morse (Mekanism) Tommy Means (Mekanism) McCann Worldgroup and Mekanism developed a "pre-launch" assingment for Windows Vista. The brief was "clarity", and the goal was to build awareness. We targeted "Modern Digitals", a younger, tech-savvy subset of the Windows Vista target. They are the new influencers and will shape the future of technology. The result: a modern marketing campaign featuring comedian Demetri Martin. The program includes a website featuring over four hours of original content, banners and daily puppet blogs. The campaign culminates in a one-hour Comedy Central special featuring Demetri Martin and program breaks featuring content.